Do any of you guys buy retail games from the eShop?

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IAznDragonI Yan posted...
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I bought Style Savvy: Trendsetters from e-shop because the stores in my country never stock them.

Yeah sure. We know it's because you're a 25 year old Harley-riding tattooed guy, and you just couldn't bring yourself to buy it in person.

or you could have bought it online.

Yeah, I bought it online. From e-shop, that is.

As for the insightful guy, I don't think age and sex have anything to do with business transaction, as long as I am not a minor.
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That's the only way i'm buying retail games, digitally. At the release date (which is when I'm ALWAYS buying my game), they're the exact same price, and for me, not having a physical box and manual for the same price is a plus, not a minus. It's more convenient to alway have the game installed on my 3DS instead of always changing cart (even more true since this is an handheld system, and don't play always at home)

As for the account system, I would worry if:

1. My Wii had lost anything during those past 6 years, which it hasn't

2. I was 100% sure that Nintendo is not working on a solution with the account system, which is not true, since the Wii U, while still linked to your account, show that they do plan to do something with this account system at one point, so chances are it will come to the 3DS when it's ready, pretty much like MiiVerse soon

But oh well, reading from all those posts, once again, I know I'm the stupidest person on this forum for enjoying having everything available all the time, no matter where I am, without carrying anything other my 3DS...
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Only for games that are eshop only.
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i do occasionally.
i have to get layton games through the eshop because i only play the UK versions.
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I plan on getting casual games (like nsmb2) digitally. These are the kind of games that you pick up and play, not continuously for long periods of time, more like something to play with while taking a break from RPGs and such. If you buy them digitally, no need to swap carts every so often.
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scigeek101 posted...
TinyTankX posted...
Just wondering. I was thinking of getting nSMB2

I would suggest not getting digital retail games if possible.

Its just too risky to put that kind of money into your 3ds when there is no account system.

Why the hell does everyone mention accounts when talking about digital games?
The REAL reason not to go digital is the inability to resell games. Nobody cares about the stupid account system. Don't lose your system and you won't need to worry about it.
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All my titles are physical.
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Not yet. I will for AC and MH3U, though.

Maybe FE, but I have a pre-order for the artbook and my other FE games are all hard copies, as well.
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Nope. I only buy physical copies of games.
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Kureno posted...
Not yet. I will for AC and MH3U, though.

Maybe FE, but I have a pre-order for the artbook and my other FE games are all hard copies, as well.

1. Pick up game and pre-order bonus on release.
2. Turn around and return just the game the next day.
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