Fire Emblem or Castlevania?

#112wingedangelPosted 2/3/2013 11:22:49 AM
Endgame posted...
I dislike:
- High difficulty

you'll LOVE Awakening!
From what I've heard, FE is long and story-heavy, but is very difficult


Fire Emblem USED to be a difficult series, but since SUCKred Stones in 2004, Iwata's Nintendo has dumbed it down for "casual" appeal

and Awakening continues to dumb down the franchise even farther, chapter design has been reduced to a bunch of enemies randomly thrown across the map that rush you, weapon weight has been removed, meaning anyone can use any weapon without consequence, making Iron weapons completely worthless as soon as you can buy Steel whereas in past games, it might have not been the best idea due to weapon weight's Speed penalties, staves that inflict status aliments have been removed, and so on

That's odd, you seem nice on the game's board.
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Endgame is all tsundere for Awakening. ^_^
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The two killer apps coming out soon


But go for Fire Emblem.
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GenericName9 posted...
I wish I knew what Castlevania played like. I looked up a "gameplay" video on YouTube and all it showed was a bunch of CG cutscene movie stuff. That's just wrong when a company does'nt show any actual gameplay in a preview. How can you decide if you might like it or even anything about it?

Look for E3 demos. There was at least one a while back, though be warned that the guy playing it was terribad.
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Endgame is all tsundere for Awakening. ^_^

He's tsundere for Nintendo in general.
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As I fan of Castlevania I can tell you that Mirror of fate won't be very good.
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As a fan of Castlevania, I can tell you that you should play the demo when it comes, as it will probably be pretty good if you judge it on your own, because it is different than the others. It is combo based like modern action games, but 2D. It does not have as much exploring, but still looks like a great game.

So, based on this, if you can only get one I say you might prefer Fire Emblem, because Mirror of Fate could take itself a little seriously.
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KittyPuppy posted...
As a longtime Castlevania fan, I honestly think Fire Emblem seems like the bigger, better game.

Confession Time!
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Fire Emblem. If the new Castlevania were a Metroidvania, it might be a different story, but I'm not a fan of what I've heard about the new one.
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Fire Emblem x Castlevania!
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