Help me with a scheme gamefaqs! (system transfer related questions)

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aamot posted...
This idea is awesome lol.

System transfer will actually delete all of your save data, not just fail to copy it over. You'll need to figure out a different way to copy your saves.

/facepalm. I give up...
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OH, I was thinking of DSiWare stuff. That's what loses their saves. Sorry for the misinformation!
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RPGMaster95 posted...
Spending an extra 40 on the eshop, abusing a companies return policy, and the hassle of exchanging/sys transferring etc so you ccan play it 4 days sooner?

Not only is that ridiculous and you need more responsibility/to do in life but a die hard fan that cant wait another second wouldve imported this last year.

Critical failure.

Actually the reason I consider myself able to do this is that I'm responsible with money and have a large amount in reserves to do with whatever I want. I can't read japanese, so importing isn't an option.

I suppose this isn't an option based on the problem with save data. I would need to transfer the save data from one card to the other then? Without doing a system transfer at all.