Looking to import a Japanese 3DS

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Check this topic. It was made a little while ago. I don't have a Japanese 3DS, but I will get one at some point, due to E.X. Troopers not arriving over here at all, and the eShop. In fact, that game is on the eShop, so it will be cheaper to get it digitally.


So you're suggesting I order from http://www.nippon-yasan.com? Those prices seem to good to be true

I am the TC of that other topic. I got my new japanese 3DS and a game from nippon-yasan, and i can confirm that those too good to be true prices are simply really good. It took a while to get here because i live very far, but I recommend it.
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yesasia, play-asia, cdjapan, etc. are not shady. they just charge too much for their crap.
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