10 years of "Play Chrono Trigger!" and I've finally started it.

#51LonelyGoombaPosted 2/3/2013 7:06:47 PM
I first played the game on the ds and I just felt regret I didn't play it when it was first released when it was clearly way ahead of Its time.

also I found the game a little too easy, I think the extra DS areas gave you too many powerful weapons... I dunno, I never grinded yet the final boss did like 1 damage per attack :/

still a great game
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#52SoeroahPosted 2/3/2013 7:18:13 PM
A depressing amount of people quoting/replying to endgame here. I'm going to assume you're new to GameFAQs and politely suggest ignoring it.
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DynamicJumpIuff posted...
Yes because the PS1 version is pretty bad.

thatmovingbush posted...
for me, yes CT translates very well as a handheld game. that, and the ps1 game has horrible load times. the ds version has all features from past games and new settings. get it.

Good to know, thanks. I'll probably still pop in the PS1 disc to see what its like, but I'm currently enjoying FF3 on my 3DS a lot, so I could go with another RPG on the system.