System Transfer to Fire Emblem Bundle

#1ShredinSlashPosted 2/3/2013 6:03:43 PM
Ok so I have read a few topics, but because of my bad luck with things, I just want to be sure about this System Transfer thing. I have an Ambassador 3DS, and I'm picking up the Fire Emblem Bundle (whenever they decide to ship it to my local gamestop...) So I have games and data that I'd like to transfer over, but i'd like to keep the digital FE as well. I was worried about that being wiped when I do the System Transfer, but from what I understand, the data that is on the new 3DS is not deleted, and my Ambassador 3DS data is transferred over and is essentially merged with the data (i.e. The pre-loaded Fire Emblem) in the new 3DS. Just looking for some clarity on this, don't want to send my data over to lose some of the data.