How Do I Register Fire Emblem If I Bought It Digitally?

#1PixieyPosted 2/4/2013 10:47:12 PM
Just trying to figure that out. I have no idea how to do so.

Thank you in advance!

#2randomshemsPosted 2/4/2013 10:50:03 PM
I think you had to have your club nintendo account linked to your 3ds if not I don't think you can do it even after linking it o__o
#3xLexLuth0rxPosted 2/4/2013 10:50:57 PM
As long as your CN was already linked, nothing you need to do.
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#4KaerosePosted 2/4/2013 10:51:37 PM
You have to have your 3DS eshop "account" tied to your club nintendo account

You link them in the eshop under the Settings tab thing
#5SquareSidePosted 2/5/2013 3:01:21 AM
Then it takes up to a week for the survey to pop up I think.
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