Top Screen Problems, out of warranty HELP

#1missinglink00Posted 2/5/2013 6:41:34 AM
I have had my 3ds since the launch of Ocarina 3d. Can't remember if that was system launch or not. I have only since played that, and kingdom hearts. I take very good care of my 3ds and it has not been dropped at all, ever.

I am having a weird issue. I just pulled my 3ds off the shelf to download Fire Emblem. My top screen is no longer working properly. I saw one other guy on a different forum had the same issue but this was way back, and there were no responses to his question.

It isn't just not working, it has a picture but is super dim and almost looks like a negative photo (the colors are somewhat inverted). The weirdest part is if I press on the screen with my thumb the picture comes back up and looks perfect. Obviously this is an issue because i cant play games while squeezing the top screen.

I am going to call Nintendo for assistance when they open but I was wondering if this is common? If anyone else has ever had or heard of this issue. Also, do you think that Nintendo would replace this for free even though I am out of warranty? I have heard they are really good about that stuff.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.