To those who own a 3DS, what was YOUR reason to buy one?

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4 years ago#131
The new Kingdom Hearts which ended up being a complete and total let down. Still disappointed about that game.
(Now playing Dead Island, Vanquish, and PSASBR Beta)
4 years ago#132
Borrowed someone's DSi to transfer Pokémon from Platinum to White, and was impressed by how good it looked on the big screen.
Decided I fancied an upgrade, so I obviously got the biggest screen I could. The plethora of viable games available is the icing on the cake; my White 2 looks fantastic.
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4 years ago#133
I wanted to play Kingdom Hearts 3D and even though i did not like it as much as other games in the franchise Loz oot 3d Mario kart 7 Super Mario 3d land and Pokemon black 2 made up for it.
4 years ago#134
Mainly because I haven't been dissapointed at all with Nintendo handhelds. Or rather the games in them I guess.
I'm never bothered by what games there are at launch. In my opinion most people exagerate and wait until there's like 50 interesting games like they're going to buy them all, and in reality just buy 2.

Sooner and later I knew the goodies would come. And here I am. XD
Maybe you've already seen the truth.
"Only idiots answer a question with another question"
4 years ago#135
I bought mine because I got angry while playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass and punched my DS Lite. It didn't survive the impact.
4 years ago#136
I'm a Nintendrone and I will buy all of their new products without reason.
4 years ago#137
Luigi's Mansion 2.
"Who's applauding?" -My sister, whilst playing New Super Mario Brothers Wii
4 years ago#138
my reason for buying anything nintendo is always the same. Mario, Zelda, Metriod, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros.
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4 years ago#139
I bought it when I did because of Kingdom Hearts 3D...wasn't worth it.
"Those without evidence shouldn't open their mouths..." -Miles Edgeworth
4 years ago#140
My reason to buy it was because they are doing a good job at nintendo with redoing old games in 3D and better quality like star fox and ocarina of time plus the fact that the only bad nintendo handheld was the virtual boy butother than that they are all good.Plus online game on nintendo that does not lag wow
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  3. To those who own a 3DS, what was YOUR reason to buy one?

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