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3 years ago#81
ChiefCole posted...
Never played Etrian Odyssey but this game is freaking awesome. Day 1 buy. I like the old school style with fresh graphics. The sound quality could be better though. It's very difficult too!!! Me like!

Apparently, the demo is compressed, so it sounds like s***. Got the EO IV OST, and the music is definitely better quality, not sure if it would be the same on the full game though.
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3 years ago#82
Puzzles99 posted...
TheDeadMoon posted...
Maybe slightly off topic, but are the other Etrian Odyssey games worth picking up with this new one coming out?

Not really.

The first game is SUPER archaic and each game just improves mechanics and quality of life over the previous one. And the stories aren't connected either, so you're better off just re-playing the best/newest one rather than slogging through the earlier ones where they were still learning what works and what doesn't.

I can't agree.

I think you should play them in order- much like the rune factories, if I'm honest. 1 was awesome- and it was the only one released natively in our country, natch- and I also imported 3 and I'm playing through it when I get the time. If I'd have played them out of order (Well, I missed #2, but you can't really blame me there...) I would have been disappointed with #1.

I think you realise what this means for my chances of playing #4 for the time being (Atlus game, atlus are very anti-EU) so I would just suggest you play through the series.

All things considered, though, if you had to buy only one of the previous titles I'd advise you do #3. It's the most polished of the series so far, I have to agree as far as that goes.
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3 years ago#83
sweet thanks for the heads up
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3 years ago#84
The demo progress carries over into the full game if you buy it.
3 years ago#85
E-25 posted...
Good old fashioned greed got me.

Killed one of the nomad baboons without much trouble (after hitting level 7 or 8), then rested up and went back only to find a shining one, so I attacked it. One the bright side, the 2nd one never got to us since the first was bodyblocking it, on the dark side, the blind effect just would not land... and then it did 120 to my damage dealers and there was no escape after that point...

Shiny one? Where?
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