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One Piece: Super Grand Battle coming to 3DS!
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Tomodachi Life questions, worth buying for my niece? (Poll)
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I'm in the mood for Pokemon...
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who here has a nintendo sp? need help!
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3DS randomly stopped reading cartridgesNewman867/23 8:30PM
I miss the days when Castlevania games were sendups/spoofs of horror movies.
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Videogamegalaxy137/23 8:22PM
Data transfer questionjakethenoob37/23 7:34PM
is Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time hard for someone who plays games on easy?
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IceCreamPerson117/23 7:25PM
Rate my ds game haul today!!!
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marioparty17117/23 6:41PM
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Will this micro SD card work on the 3DS?Tyranius247/23 6:11PM
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I messed up the Daily Record in the Activity LogUnos_Hambalos67/23 5:44PM
I guess I spoke too soon.
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Erukia177/23 5:33PM
Here's an extra club nintendo pinno_mess87/23 5:18PM
SMT QUESTION: DDS Overclocked or Soul Hackers?
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n0matter137/23 4:54PM