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I'm looking for clear N3DS XL skins.Bahamut00173/25 9:55PM
Operation Faceplate topic V2 - Let NoA know we want the standard N3DS here. (Closed)
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forest_wanderer5003/25 9:01PM
will the nee xenonlade have pvp?DENGUIN93/25 8:15PM
So I impulsively bought a Majora's Mask New 3DS XL...Spade21X63/25 7:54PM
Poll: Next Gen 3DS could roughly have SKSK PSV to SKEV PS4 jump except res? (Poll)j2zon259193/25 7:48PM
Bravely Default: does anyone have maxed out jobs that I can abilink with?GreenEarthCO33/25 7:35PM
Anybody still play Mario Tennis Open?xixDUDE312xix103/25 7:08PM
Finally!!! Got the Majoras Mask New 3DS!
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andizzle29662243/25 7:08PM
Confirmed: Wii is stronger than 3DS and New 3DS
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Megamushroom6661183/25 7:05PM
What's the point of the Save/Load Layout?
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Pheenic113/25 6:58PM
So about the Majora's Mask LE New 3DS restock...
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Waluigi1153/25 6:30PM
Bravely Second brethren?CutthemacX63/25 6:23PM
So the west is going to be getting Bravely Second in 2015 right?
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AwesomeOSauce173/25 6:21PM
Is Mighty No. 9 still on for March?Rakansen73/25 6:12PM
Do you think the n3DS would be able to run the Pokemon games @ 30fps?Soul_Alchemist83/25 6:04PM
Just got a Red New 3DS XL...Eskrima_Force33/25 5:51PM
Received a N3DS XL as Gift the top screen slightly moves left&right?GamingPandas63/25 5:49PM
I'm worried about Xenoblade 3D...
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Dark_Link92143/25 5:40PM
Battle of the 3DS Games! (Semi-Final 3) (Poll)
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fiyeroatheart143/25 5:31PM
Apparently there's big news tomorrow from Gamefreak at the UKPresidentDoge43/25 5:11PM