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Tomodachi Life or Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
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Think the 3DS will get any more horror games?
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munkey55297/24 6:36AM
Anyone's 2DS's back really dirty/stained.
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Terrorknight3167/24 6:21AM
FE:A vs LoZ ALBW vs Kirby 3x DX vs EOU vs BD (Poll)
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Lokeku297/24 6:00AM
anyone have a digital-only 3DS?
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PrettyBoyMarth427/24 1:21AM
Did the Phoenix Wright series help make Visual Novel more popular in the west?Terrorknight377/24 12:30AM
So anyone take advantage of BOGO games restocked at Best Buy today?
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StinkPrincess147/24 12:09AM
going ro buy a 3ds next week and...
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pixell-_-junk177/24 12:01AM
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How to get my digital games back for my new 3DS?juzzieb77/23 11:06PM
Honest Game Trailers for Pokemon21_2187/23 10:28PM
One Piece: Super Grand Battle coming to 3DS!
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Spade21X157/23 10:18PM
What newcomers do you want to see for Smash 3ds/Wii U?bemo816777/23 10:15PM
Tomodachi Life questions, worth buying for my niece? (Poll)
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ShadowDragon786117/23 9:56PM
I'm in the mood for Pokemon...
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MetalGearOnAcid237/23 9:29PM
Mario Tennis Open - Unlockables?NewportBox100s47/23 9:24PM