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Sold my 3DS, I think this is the right move (Poll)
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Xtreme-Void138/18 7:36AM
Do you think Smash'll be download play compatable?spealfan44488/18 7:31AM
What good SRPGs are on either 3DS or Wii U eshop?Hay_Stack28/18 7:17AM
What is your Favorite RPG of all time?
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Spade21X1098/18 7:14AM
good games to recommend to my sister?????
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kpopluvr128/18 6:30AM
Rune Factory and Harvest Moon questions.RadKickAss108/18 6:24AM
Is Your EShop Password Saved To Your 3DS? (Poll)cyberpik58/18 5:28AM
My hype for Layton VS Wright is driving me insane!!!!!!!
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spealfan444148/18 4:59AM
Accidentally chose the wrong country when creating my account and now theres....
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Fayt16128/18 4:09AM
My 3DS likes to troll me..._-Dante-_68/18 3:55AM
Question about formatting...Data Drain78/18 2:15AM
Has anyone ever lost one of your favorite games?
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ZebuFrenzy448/18 2:10AM
Can I say the person who designed the poke transporter/bank is a complete idiot?
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socguy508/18 1:54AM
Is the physical version of Rhythm Theif and the Emperor's Treasure very rare?SrRyteAway58/18 1:20AM
Touching the Touchscreen? (Poll)
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Linktopower218/18 1:15AM
why is the 3DS Version of sonic boom being ignored?NightMareBunny38/18 1:10AM
Think of a song to describe the 3DSHermeticJustice98/18 1:07AM
Nintendo should make a Dating Sim RPG with their characters
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srzg178/18 12:51AM
Have they sent e-mails to the winners of the Meat or Die Watch & Win thing?-Unowninator-18/18 12:11AM
Is it just me or do the graphics on the 3ds look kinda bad?
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hotdogboy96378/18 12:09AM