Nintendo should go the way of SEGA

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3 years ago#21
n00bsaib0t posted...
From: ecco6t9 | #054
No, considering how Sega whores out Game Gear and Genesis games to make a quick buck.

If you're good at something, never do it for free.

Sega isn't doing anything worse than Nintendo is with it's games. You really think SMBDX, NES Classics SMB, SMB Wii VC, SMB 3DS VC, and SMB WiiU VC isn't whoring a classic game for a quick buck? Look at all of those, only the first one had any effort at all.

There's Nintendo taking their time and care into ports/remakes and then their is Pelican and Coleco banging on the door of Sega, showing off some $30 handheld, and Sega giving their approval.
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3 years ago#22
IHeartMetroid posted...
"Who wouldn't want an original Gameboy, backlit, with a rechargable battery "

1: Go to eBay
2: Buy a "Game Boy Light" system.
3: Buy four rechargeable AAs.
4: ?
5: Profit!

Alternatively, buy a GBA SP and enjoy an even bigger library of games.

Plus, you get the benefit of playing whatever game you want instead of being limited to what games are built into the system.

And if you want to play the digital route, as people have mentioned, the eShop is cheaper than buying actual old GameBoy carts. And if you want to whine about the limited game library and still whine about the eShop prices... There exist portable devices that would serve you far better than something with a limited selection of packed in games.

TC's suggestion is just horrible no matter how you look at it, which is why Nintendo obviously hasn't done it.
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