In defense of the people who dislike first person dungeon crawling...

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surferguy7 posted...
Since when did this board decide to get pissed about first-person dungeon crawling?

*Looks down at 100+ post topic*

As always, a single negative comment throws an entire board into a frenzy.

I don't see any topic like that which means some butt must have made it.
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I guess Shinning in the Holy Ark would be the most immersive since you do see the other characters come forward to attack except the main character.
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The devs are lazy and cheap, releasing the same dang game for the 4th time (I assume we're talking about Etrian). Instead of this low budget grid copy-pasta... how about a generated dungeon system that sort of functions like Minecraft... with real time exploration (spelunking!) and an encounter system like DQIX. It'd only have to generate one "floor" at a time so I think the 3DS could handle it.

Too bad if you've actually played them all, in which anybody who hates this subgenre probably didn't (it's very easy to tell), people have a very different opinion about each EO. These are far from copy pastes

I played the first 2 for a little while and the demo of this one. They're the same game. I don't care about the little particulars. I really just can't forgive these games for not bothering with narrative or having any kind of personality... I liked Strange Journey for the hours it kept my interest. It's basically Etrian Odyssey with some actual substance.