If Microsoft bought Nintendo

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3 years ago#31
Generic American shooters. Generic American shooters everywhere.

Also windows 8 and the end of good gaming.

I'm a ninja. (You can't see me)
3 years ago#32
Icecreamdunwich posted...
From: MrAntike184 | #015
How is sony doing well?! they're near bankrupt.

They won 2 gens and are on track to win their third console gen. They are also posting profits again... They realize they messed up with the Vita and are in the progress of fixing it, and the PSP actually did very well.

Actually, the Wii sold the most (for home consoles at least), so no they aren't on track for a third victory. Unless you're talking about PS4, in which case literally everything we know is a rumor, so being on track is... a terrible assumption (not saying they can't win, or are even unlikely to win, just that it's like predicting the PSP3 will outsell the 4DS).
3 years ago#33
Consoles were never popular in Europe at the time of the Atari and such, they continued to like PC gaming. Consoles are still not popular in eastern europe at all.
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