is fire emblem a must buy?

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iMURDAu posted...
Get it before March 6th because the first round of DLC price goes up after that.

I haven't looked into the DLC yet. Can one acquire a decent amountof content for relatively cheap?
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Yes, amazing game.

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At the moment, yes. There are 2 "chapters" currently available with the first one being free. You can purchase a bundle of the first 3 (chapter 3 isn't out yet) for $4 right now or pay $2.50 for an individual chapter. After March 6th the price for the 3 chapter bundle goes up to $6. I'm assuming an individual chapter will still be $2.50.

As for content you can parley against a team of fighters on a new map and once defeated you can hire their leader onto your team.
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Just bought it. Thanks
Nah hidden stuffs are still in games these days...
you just have to pay for them. Capcom calls them DLC.