Most games are about attacking the Kundalini

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Super Mario Bros [Bowser]
Zelda Legend Time Ocarina [Ganon]
Ring Lord [Sauron]
Doom [Doom Guy]
Dark Stone [As an example] [Draak]

They are all allegories for enlightenment. The lava in SMB is the base chakra, code word "hell". The crown chakra is "heaven". Notice "Venom" from Star Fox? How it is red? The base chakra is red. They are talking about the Kundalini [Coiled Serpent] which resides dormant in the base chakra for most people. THEY KNEW IT WAS AN ALLEGORY AND HID THIS. Notice how Super Mario Bros. 2 the 7th world is in the clouds? The crown chakra is the 7th chakra! Ganon's tower is the spine/winter solstice tree, him on top is the star or the risen serpent of enlightenment. Him falling is humanities downfall. It is unbelievable children are subjected to this brainwashing. See how Time Ocarina is the same as Lord of the Rings how they get us to work against enlightenment. The Dragon symbolizes the Perfected Prana, then you see in video games how they are visciously attacked and they make us pay for it, pay for being told over and over again to go to hell.
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I thought all that was pretty obvious, actually.
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DOOMguy can run 57 miles an hour.
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also a Doom patch "a cat kills the nazarene" to redirect psychic energy for Satanism and against christianity also to make an example of what I am saying and to fix the wrong that Doom is at least partially Doom is a human soul allegory "hell" = root chakra "Earth" is heart chakra "heaven" is crown chakra "player = kundalini which is Satan/God, enemy = prana blockage, Hell is a code word and allegory of the base chakra Earth is a code word for the heart chakra and heaven is a code word for the crown chakra enlightenment Doom is a corrupted human soul allegory" The mystery of Doom solved Doom is an allegory and concept of the journey to enlightenment with the meaning thoroughly corrupted by the Jew "Id" "Yid" software [the sound of the base chakra is thunder the sound of the heart chakra is buzzing. Ultimate Doom = Base chakra, Doom Hell on Earth = Heart Chakra]
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From: TakayaNoriko | #002
I thought all that was pretty obvious, actually.

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What in the what is what'ing in here?
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