Are these Pokemon games bootlegs?

#11squatch22Posted 2/9/2013 10:11:43 AM
Yeah. Never buy games if they are from China.

I think they are fakes. The boxes shouldnt look like that.
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#12EmeraldroxPosted 2/9/2013 10:23:57 AM
Bootleg games can be kinda fun xD I LOOK for them on eBay sometimes.
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#13DeathSoul2000Posted 2/9/2013 10:25:18 AM
i NEVER buy games outside of my own country unless they are imports. not worth the risk.
#14lanifPosted 2/9/2013 11:43:21 AM
i bought a bootleg of super princess peach it was dirt cheap i knew something was up when i seen the cover art and the game got stuck when i ejected it from my ds
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#15aamotPosted 2/9/2013 11:57:32 AM
Just pay for them with fake money!
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#16ArcaneShockerrPosted 2/9/2013 12:25:28 PM
ares9090 posted...
Yes, also, Fire red and leaf Green should have a picture of the Wireless Adapter on the lower right corner

Actually they did produce Fire Red and Leaf Green packages that didnt come with the Wireless Adapter so they dont all have the picture. But these boxes are definitely fakes.
#17Lum_YatsuraPosted 2/9/2013 3:35:11 PM
Stereotypical GBA and DS bootlegs often try to look US English. Even if from countries that'd be unlikely to encounter in such amounts.
I haven't looked into whether seeking UK or Australian versions is an effective way to avoid bootlegs. Might be interesting...

There's numerous details pirates may fail at:
total incorrect art
misshaped or no ESRB logo (for North American looking ones)
battery in games that use flash saving only
black cart of a color cart game

Though there are non-English fakes too! Look at this silly thing.
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#18_Izanagi_Posted 2/9/2013 3:58:05 PM
You should never purchase anything from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Siberia.
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#19Prayer_abyssPosted 2/9/2013 4:46:10 PM
I have bought the bootleg version of Pokemon Sapphire which turn out to be a sequel to Pokemon Jade and Diamond. It's called Telefang 2: Speed (or Power? My friend had Pokemon Rubin which is the different version of it.)
It was 9 years ago.

The game was generally a Pokemon's clone. You have your partner monster tag along with you. You can recruit new monsters, leveling up and have branch evolution. Battles are turn-based with very nice animation. (Some late game dragon have a skill that launch the enemies to the space with the rocket.)

It was all translated in English. Much to my surprise, I enjoy the game a lot until the battery of the cart died out. I can no longer find the translated version again.