So just for fun, your 3ds model and color

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3 years ago#111
shayminguy7 posted...
Original Aqua Blue
3 years ago#112
XL, Blue
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3 years ago#113
TAoR posted...
XL Blue
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3 years ago#114
Original Aqua Blue
3 years ago#115
Original, Aqua Blue
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3 years ago#116
I own the 3DS XL, red.
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3 years ago#117
Original, Flame Red.
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3 years ago#118
Midnight Purple
Flame Red
Fire Emblem Cobalt Blue

To be more accurate, the purple was the one i bought for myself because the didn't have a shade of blue I liked. I sold it on Amazon and bought the new Cobalt blue. The red one is for my wife.
3 years ago#119
Me: Red XL
Sister: Blue XL
Bro: Blue Original
Nephew: Black Original
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3 years ago#120
dont have one just yet looks like white and midnight purple are the least owned colors i'll probably get one of those two.
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