how many guys out there made their first avatar a girl?

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kickmesign posted...
I did. That eyepatch is just too good to pass up.

The female avatar in Fire Awakening got an eye-patch? Nice

In Mass Effect 3, I liked playing as Fem-Shep more because I liked her VA more than the male VA (Default-Shep)
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From: SMASHKING84 | #030
i'm sorry,but fantasize about a fictional character is no different then fantasizing about a girl your not currently sleeping with.
Fantasy is fantasy,the only difference is cartoon girls wouldn't jump down your throat for thinking about them that way.

I didn't need to call you out personally for that. I just really dislike that argument.
Sorry; it's nothing worth fighting over.
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I made my Mii as much like my actual self as was possible.
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(I'm going to assume this topic is about Fire Emblem Awakening.)

naw, but I'm gonna make the avatar a girl in my second playthrough though.
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