Something's wrong with my SD Card...

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3 years ago#1
None of my downloaded 3DS games are showing up. The music and photo data is unaffected, though. In System Settings, it states the data management of the SD Card is corrupted. What could've caused it, and how can I fix it without formatting it?

If there is no other option, will I be able to redownload the games, and will the music and photo data be deleted?
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3 years ago#2
I guess you could try copying the SD card data to a computer and then another SD card. I'd go on to the shop and make sure the stuff I bought was still in the "my downloads" list first though.
3 years ago#3
Try deleting the .trash folder
(idk why but who knows it could fix it) if still nothing
back up your sd card (copy all files to computer)
format sd card to fat32
copy files back
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