I hope LoS will not go multi-plat

#21Rurouni720Posted 2/11/2013 9:42:34 PM
ferofax posted...
Why so keen on taking titles from a handheld to a console? Of course any game is gonna look better on the console. That's pretty much common sense really, and you're making it sound like devs lack the common sense to see that fact. The challenge here is to try to make a console-quality game and put it on a handheld.

Also... "first of many". I've never heard of this "many" you're talking about. So far it's just Revelations. We... could stretch it to include TWEWY's HD iOS port, but it's handheld to mobile, so... Well, who are we kidding? There's NONE ELSE.

I wouldn't to pay much mind to the nutmeg. He's usually bitter and ignorant to accept the fact that the 3DS is a viable platform for meaningful support, common sense or not.