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User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#31
2wingedangel posted...
Is a 3DS direct really necessary? It's already curb stomping the Vita, especially with a new Pokemon announced.

All I need is Bravely Default and they could literally stop releasing games for it and it would still be considered my favourite system of time.

I echo this sentiment. Does the 3DS even need more announcements?

User Info: shamontray29

4 years ago#32
according to wiki feb 13,2013
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User Info: lizard81288

4 years ago#33
Is this a night or morning? Via, 11pm tonight, 6am tomorrow, or 11pm tomorrow?
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#34
no official source i cite this as bull****
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User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#35
SPDShadowRanger posted...
OMG people. There is not one tomorrow. Nintendo usually announces them a few days in advance. There should be one by the end of the month so sit back and wait.

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User Info: MetalLoki

4 years ago#36
So it's safe to assume that we'll have a bunch of topics saying that Nintendo lied about there being a ND tomorrow?
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User Info: rizsparky

4 years ago#37
I was assuming he was asking when in February will the next Direct will be
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User Info: Latino_King

4 years ago#38
Oh my God, it's going to start in 44 minutes!
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User Info: AceGamer11x

4 years ago#39

User Info: lizard81288

4 years ago#40
AceGamer11x posted...

This. I'm at work.
I hate people in general.
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