New Club Nintendo games.

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Icewitch posted...
Another month of disappointing 3DS rewards

Oh well, will just keep racking up coins I guess until they put something worthwhile on there

This unfortunately.

Seriously, does CN love screwing 3DS fans over? My hopes for a decent title for 3DS on CN are dashed every month.

Metroid 2? Twinbee? Punchout? Tetris? The last couple months have been good.
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YES! I always wanted to play Paper Mario.
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aamot posted...
Oh yeah!

good god, those games look terrible. A Game&Watch reject and "Hold A: The Game."

Pyoro is really fun. It's hard to explain unless you play it, but its one of the best simple games I've played last gen and was totally worth 100% Warioware Inc to unlock its "sequel." It's also technically superior than any Game and Watch game and would be, at the very least, an Atari 7800 title.

Metal Torrent is only a "Hold A: The Game" if you play as the novice blue ship. As the red ship, you will constantly have to dodge bullets and do everything in your power to not die. Playing as the red ship after a go or two with the blue ship is pretty much the only way to truly enjoy this game, and easily makes the game bullet-hell hard like we all love. I hate how the media mostly portrays the blue ship, because that's not what this game is really about.

Read up on both of them. I think you'd at least enjoy one, and in my opinion, they're in the top quarter percentile of DSiWare titles.
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