Why do most people seem to play with the 3D off?

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stoned_pilch posted...
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They got brainwashed the slew of negativity from the entertainment media wanting to kill 3D. If your hear something enough, you start believing it. The whole eyestrain and headache thing is garbage, it's more natural on the eyes to view something in stereoscopic 3D since IT'S HOW PEOPLE SEE ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

Yeah like how when you close 1 eye, everything becomes 2D.

Or not.

Actually, it does. Our brain, with the help of some external cues, "transforms" the 2d image into a 3d representation. But we're still seeing in 2d. Our eyes are basically pinhole cameras. Without two of them, we see in 2d, and our brain does the rest to turn it into 3d.

However, that's not the cause of the eye strain. As far as I know, the eyes are in a unnatural position and that causes the muscle to get tired more easily.
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for me it looks good about 10% of the time. The rest of the time the images look distorted and it makes my eyes uncomfortable.
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My screen is always too dirty and it looks terrible when it's dirty. T___T
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Magus_Stragus posted...
However, that's not the cause of the eye strain. As far as I know, the eyes are in a unnatural position and that causes the muscle to get tired more easily.

I believe the eyestrain is caused because the stereoscopic effect also doesn't accurately simulate all aspects of seeing a 3D image, only some of them. Which is great for people who aren't sensitive to it, but for those of us who are it's really painful.
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Super Slash posted...
I think it's a neat feature that isn't too distracting, and it looks really nice on some games. It makes games like OoT and Kid Icarus even more enjoyable, IMO.

So, out of curiosity, why do so many people not make use of the feature?

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As soon as I turn on the 3D I can feel my eyes straining and start to tear up a bit.

Seeing as when I get interested I can play extensively (32 hours of Fire Emblem in the last week), I'd prefer to not break my eyes doing so :P
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I move around a lot when I game So it's hard to keep it centered aka hard to see the 3D so I play with it off most of the time
#68OnikyuubiPosted 2/13/2013 11:26:38 PM
I suppose it really depends on whether or not turning 3D on hurts your eyes.
For me, luckily, it doesn't seen to have any eye fatigue effect even after hours of playing with 3D on.

I never turn it off unless I'm playing a game that needs weird grips and I wouldn't be able to hold the 3DS in place properly.

In my honest opinion, I find that 3D adds to the immersion when gaming (or watching a movie), and I will always go for it when available.

Comments like "it's the worst thing to happen to movies and games" are just weird. Sure, some people don't like it, or see it as a short-lived gimmick, but you always have the option of turning it off, or watching a movie in 2D, instead. No one's forcing it on you, and it doesn't affect games or movies negatively in any way >.>
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It hurts my eyes :(
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#70Bancario51Posted 2/13/2013 11:57:42 PM
because the 3D doesn't have an auto tracking parameter that aligns with the players eyes. The players must align to it and that makes it lame. Also it drains the batteries fast and cuts down the frame rate for some games.
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