Is it true Inazuma Eleven 3 is coming to Europe?

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Personally, I'm just going all the flippin' way and importing an EU 3DS.

Respect. IE3 is one of my favorite handheld games ever, I'd gladly import an EU 3DS for it too if I didn't already live in EU.

I've played all of them but IE3, actually. Even the Go games, which I'll buy the EU versions for too, just because I love these games and having them in English makes them even more enjoyable (as IE1 was to me compared to when I played the JP version on a you-know-what) and also easier for me to do side or post-game stuff since I fully comprehend the text instead of only getting the gist of it with a dictionary and the Internet at my side. It's like why I imported all the Mega Man Star Force games, Battle Network 6, and the Pokemon games between Platinum and Black/White yet still bought them all in English, then clocked at the least twice as much time in with the English versions. IE3 I have in Japanese, but I lost the cartridge and never finished it.

I am wondering is how they'll deal with Super Linking to IE2. Data transfer app, DS download play method, regular wireless communications to IE2, who knows. Unless the collection version simply had a way to get the Super Link content without accessing the IE2 save.