Waluigi needs love too!

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User Info: 21_21

4 years ago#21
MrSpacelySlate posted...
Toad needs his own game, too.

No, Wario's Woods doesn't count.

Hey while we're at it lets make the Kremlings have their own game, too.
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User Info: Transdude

4 years ago#22
I got an idea for a game. Why not have Mario and Luigi become separated for some reason, and have Mario team up with Wario and Luigi team up with Waluigi?
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User Info: MATADOR480

4 years ago#23
teamaquashock posted...
MATADOR480 posted...
That guy is terrible. One of the worst game characters ever. Up there with Bubsy and that douche from Killzone 2, I forgot his name but he'sthe black guy that swears every other word. God I wanted to shoot that beef!


Yes! That's him! What a tool.
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