Will trade FE CN code

#1121_21Posted 2/16/2013 3:14:47 PM
Just in case something happens to the first one, huh. I guess that's a smart idea if you have enough money to do so. I can barely afford another 3DS as is.
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#12ilovedietcokePosted 2/16/2013 7:28:17 PM
Ive have the following registered from over the past couple of years :
2 dsi's
2 dsi XL's
1 3DS
Soon I will register 2 3DS XL's (as soon as Luigis mansion comes out, I want me some free games lol)

Myself, my wife and our little girl all have a DS of some form or another. I usually register them as soon as we get them and it is nice I can register as any systems as I need to on my CN account.
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