''Oh, Yay, Another Mario Game.'' Step up to Playstation 2/20"

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Another new mario game is superior to another generic uninspired shooter.
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bdavis93 posted...
Another new mario game is superior to another generic uninspired shooter.

>Assuming Sony only makes FPSes

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Funny thing was PSASBAR was a mediocre game at best, the same with twisted metal(POS), playstation home(full of perverts trying to hit on girls), little to no advertising on their handheld front and just lack of foresight and direction.

I am by no means bashing them, but as a sony console owner, a PC gamer and a Nintendo player, Sony dropped the ball the hardest this console generation.
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Justice_Apollo posted...
thompsontalker7 posted...
kuragari1anonly posted...
Owns both handhelds master race

And while I've been playing my 3DS more, it's only because I'm taking a break from my 85 hour Persona 4 Golden playthrough.

You're basically saying you've ever only spent 85 hours in your Vita at all.

There's also the 30 hours in P3P, the 20 hours in Dynasty Warriors, the 40 hours in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and so on.

Thanks for jumping to conclusions bruh
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#45HejiruPosted 2/16/2013 7:29:27 PM
Sony does what Nintendon't?
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I can't wait to see what new and exciting IPs Sony has to show off. Uncharted 4? Killzone 4? Resistance 4? All fresh stuff dude!
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PS family wins again?
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*Comes back from the thread on GAF*

Wow, and they say Gamefaqs are full of immature fanboys....(even though that isn't far from the truth).
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Minamo posted...
"Oh, Yay, Another Port." Step up to new games on 3DS.

Are you referring to the Wind Waker port, or the Ocarina of Time port?
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Competition between companies is what drives innovation. It's most definitely a good thing.