Seriously, what should I get from the eShop?

#21Arsene-LupinPosted 2/17/2013 1:08:58 AM
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Don't buy anything from Wayforward lol.

Pushmo is the best game on the eShop.
Gunman Clive is good too, and cheap.
Liberation Maiden is fun if you like silly Japanese stuff but really short.
Crimson Shroud is good if you like pen and paper RPGs.
Sakura Samurai is a neat game too.

It's also worth pointing out that there's really very little else in the eShop (not counting maybe five VC titles) worth looking at beyond these.
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#22Dragongod165Posted 2/17/2013 1:12:03 AM
VVVVVV, Pushmo, or Bit.Trip Saga (currently on sale for $10)
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At this point everyone should have Gunman Clive. Seriously, it's a great game and it's only $2.
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OoSubaruoO posted...
Tbh, just save your cash for current/future FE:A DLC. That alone will take up more time.

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NightSky, Fluidity Spin Cycle and Aero Porter is also a simple fun game.^_^
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Fractured Soul will be on sale for $8 in a few weeks, I'd give the demo a try and see how you enjoy it.

The 2nd best platformer right now in my opinion (first being Shinobi).
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2wingedangel posted...
Adventure Time is such garbage, it's game's plot is centered around getting Finn and Jake's garbage back.

Clearly you're not a fan of the show.
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Any of the mario land games on the 3ds eshop are awsome. I have all 3 and are very fun and worth getting.
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Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX posted...
Any of the mario land games on the 3ds eshop are awsome. I have all 3 and are very fun and worth getting.

Already have all of them and SMB
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