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Just bought a 3DS, what are the must have games?

#1GaMeFr33kPosted 2/17/2013 3:44:58 AM
I bought Pokemon White 2 for my starting game cuz I havent played Pokemon sense Blue version lol. What are the must have games for 3DS, I want to see more 3DDD!!

I like; RPG's, Action/Adventure, platformer games
I dislike; Strategy, fighting, puzzle games

I was thinking on buying in order;
1. Zelda OoT 3DS
2. Mario Kart 7 3DS
3. Super Mario Land 3DS

Suggestions on must have 3DS games? Thanks!
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#2HeartbreakKid37Posted 2/17/2013 3:52:30 AM
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Mario 3D Land
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (assuming you have played 999 on DS first)

I consider those the 3 must have games myself, but there are plenty of good games
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#3AnclationPosted 2/17/2013 4:03:12 AM
Kid Icarus: Uprising is my favorite original 3DS game so far, definitely a game worth checking out.
#4iMURDAuPosted 2/17/2013 4:05:29 AM
Resident Evil: Revelations
Mario 3D Land
Fire Emblem
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#5wskingwsPosted 2/17/2013 4:05:58 AM
Hey I'm in the same boat as you lol I just bought a 3ds yesterday but bough pokem black 2 as my starting game.

Just picked up kingdom hearts DD today and that game is pretty good.
#6ChiefColePosted 2/17/2013 5:30:16 AM
Fire Emblem Awakening, Kid Icarus Uprising, Zelda Oot 3ds are must haves.
#7ashphoenix77Posted 2/17/2013 5:32:52 AM
pokemon isnt a 3ds game though. most stores HAVE them out as a 3ds game...but its a ds game
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#8VerkinsPosted 2/17/2013 7:00:16 AM
#9RayzerTagPosted 2/17/2013 7:15:07 AM(edited)
Get Virtue's Last Reward, it's one of the very best 3DS games.

Awards and reviews:

Like said above, you should play 999 first if you haven't already. It's absolutely exquisite.
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#10saint35Posted 2/17/2013 10:28:25 AM
Mario 3D Land and Soul Hackers.
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