I am done... I am trading both my PS3 and Vita for a 3DS and games, smart choice

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You should probably keep the PS3. Vita, not so much. Also:
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You should try getting a job instead. It's rewarding being able to own everything you want instead of having to convince mommy to pay the difference on trades.

But if you really want to take $50 for your consoles, trade away.

Uh, what? Why are you just assuming that he doesn't have a job?

They might be going off of his typing style,which comes across as childish (no offense intended.)

Nah, he just comes off like that. Going "lol you have no job because you trade in your games/systems towards other games/systems" isn't exactly a mature thing to do in itself.
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Bad idea to get rid of your PS3. It already has a fully developed library, unlike the 3DS.
Why would anyone trade two systems for one? What's wrong with you?
...You will be screaming: YES! YES! YES!
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before you do that you really need to give ni no kuni a try on ps3

Was just about to post the same thing.
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Maybe trading in the Vita but the PS3? You poor soul.
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darkus_f posted...
Maybe trading in the Vita but the PS3? You poor soul.

Why would trading in a Vita be more justified than the Ps3? Any console is worth owning.
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Get a Wii. Get Xenoblade Chronicles.
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I am trying to dissuade you. Do not do it, the PS3 has a huge library and the Vita will eventually in time. You will regret trading them in, in a few years if you are still a gamer.
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I pretty much assume most people that have decent jobs don't trade in games. Its a waste of money.
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It's your PS3 and Vita do what you want.

I'm trading in one of my Xbox360's to buy a few 3ds games, heck I may trade in my car for a PS4 :P
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I just sold my Vita via Craigslist today. I met in person and got cash. I put that money down for Luigi's Mansion 2 and Monster Hunter 3. The 3DSXL is awesome and worth it. The line up for this year is great. As for my PS3, it keeps collecting dust. I have a Wii U and an Xbox 360 and I never touch my PS3 except to watch blue rays. I am very disappointed in the PS3. If you dont play either the Vita or PS3 enough then I would get rid of both and get a 3DSXL for sure. You will love the system and games coming out on it.
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