3DS or Vita right now?

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2 years ago#31
KaitaNuva posted...
If FE and Pokemon are the only series you like from that lineup, then that's your problem, don't make it everyone else's. Phoenix Wright, Nonary, and Zelda are extremely well received series.

edit: It seems you're going off on a tangent about the state modern gaming in general. Don't countme in.

Not modern gaming. Modern gaming companies that force you to buy (or buy nothing at all) is the problem I have. Again, there are tons of turn-based RPG and strategy games on Android and IOS. Like anyone else, I go where the games I want are. I'll certainly pick up the new FE, thank god that got localized. Getting burned out on Pokemon these days, DQM to the rescue. Looking forward to Terry's Wonderland.

Sadly, the Vita has nothing I'm looking forward to.
"The Virtual Boy didn't fail. We failed the Virtual Boy"
(edited by JP_Sartre)
2 years ago#32
Vita your save alot of money
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2 years ago#33
I had no idea JP looked up to Endgame so much :)
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2 years ago#34
Rocketomy posted...
I've never played Ocarina ._.

As said earlier, get a 3DS for sure then >_>
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