Pokemon Masters I choose you!

#1EvonfirePosted 2/17/2013 10:22:58 AM
To help me understand Pokemon B/W 1 so that when Pokemon BW/2 arrives in the mail next week, I can jump right into it without being totally lost. I was hoping one of you guys can tell me what I need to know story-wise from B/W 1. I'm not looking for details, just an overall summary that you think would help me to get more out of Pokemon B/W 2. Please try not to spoil anything to important though, or ruin anything for me if it directly affects B/W 2. I would have liked to play B/W 1 but I bought B/W 2 for $15 from Best Buy so I'm gonna go with that. The last pokemon games I've played was red/blue/yellow. Thanks!

WARNING: There may be spoilers in this thread so read with caution.
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