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Japanese direct with English subtitles?Atykym49/2 8:33PM
I bought Monster Hunter 3 on sale. What's so great about this game, again?
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MoreLemonPledge349/2 8:33PM
Japan free game offerotter_92959/2 8:31PM
Nintendo is making a huge mistake with the New 3DS
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BossBang119/2 8:31PM
Real Reason why NEW 3DS isn't coming NA this yearinFAMOUSJakey39/2 8:19PM
What do you think of those coloured buttons on the regular sized N3DS? (Poll)shlaguedweir109/2 8:14PM
So will the new 3DS be able to port games like FF10 or Kingdom hearts FM?YoshiruIezz79/2 8:11PM
New Club Nintendo Offer
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Halo00o0169/2 8:11PM
Any Mighty No. 9 Backers Not Receive a Mighty Gunvolt Code?TheZuperHero49/2 8:10PM
I want an Ace Attorney Trilogy Vol. 2 and a Professor Layton DS Saga on eShopwhitaker649019/2 8:03PM
New 3DS and 3DS XLThe_Orignal109/2 7:40PM
so getting the New 3DS XL, OMG this is amazing..
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moogle69139/2 7:35PM
Oh my wow the new beat sna position looks amazing. New 3DS gonna rock the house!RatheV29/2 7:32PM
Which did you enjoy more? NSMB.2 or 3D Land? (Poll)
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Decapre239/2 7:31PM
Buying eshop games with no space...FaustXII79/2 7:30PM
Just purged my 3DS game library (all digital).whitaker649019/2 7:29PM
Pictures of the new Nintendo 3DS Face Plates!
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xKitsunex329/2 7:28PM
So, will MH4U outdo MH3 in every way imaginable?
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outworld222119/2 7:27PM
is this a good SD card upgrade for my 3DS?ArcRay2069/2 7:23PM
Would you buy an Etrian Odyssey game were you can make and share dungeons?
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SegavsCapcom159/2 7:13PM