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how are the gamestop 3ds power cordspoisonrules5621/25 5:36PM
Anybody have a stock update on the New 3ds xl mm or mh4
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Domanickbboy311/25 5:34PM
Any chance of NoA releasing the Standard New 3DS if we raise enough Hell?
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Spade21X441/25 5:29PM
Would you want a Lost in Blue 4?munkey5531/25 5:26PM
How is the New 3DS XL's stylus?endgel21/25 5:22PM
When does Play Asia usually open preorders?FlyingPotatoe21/25 5:22PM
Not counting professor layton vs ace attorney there is 6 Layton games correct?Homie_20291/25 5:20PM
GameStop telescoping stylus trade?
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yoshi3001191/25 5:19PM
The New Nintendo 3DS not coming with a charger is a good move.
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soulofninjasoul191/25 5:04PM
Fire Emblem: A or Kingdom Hearts: 3D?
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PatriotAI251/25 4:51PM
Looking for Stylus-heavy, slow paced games...
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irulethegalaxy111/25 4:39PM
Who did/didnt get their MM n3ds xl cancelled at 4:36PM
New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL Guide
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DerekRoss121/25 4:26PM
Are you going to trade in your old 3DS or XL when buying your New 3DS?
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nayr626121/25 4:10PM
Might wait a week to buy the New 3DS...Think there'll be problems with stock?seltraeh22101/25 4:10PM
What Zelda Game should I start off with? (Poll)
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EmiArts201/25 4:09PM
Is it better to just buy a microSD card now and...
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Rod1984291/25 4:08PM
What are your thoughts on Yoshi's New Island?
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Spillard141/25 4:05PM
So if zelda comes pre installed...
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metalkillkennyX231/25 4:04PM
I'm hoping the New 3DS becomes an Enhanced Port Handheld
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toidiedud191/25 3:55PM