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Is it worth to buy VC games?
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cloz1984189/16 5:55PM
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Do you think that certain amiibo's will become rare?Spade21X49/16 5:20PM
Is Europe the only place that has gotten Pokemon TCG on their VC?King_of_Flan39/16 5:13PM
Just got my codes!
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noisyboise119/16 5:09PM
Is the Game Gear Sonic The Hedgehog...
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Trevor_Belmont329/16 4:30PM
Cave Story Eshop version worth it?corex3d39/16 4:22PM
Is Kid Icarus: Uprising the game that gave Masahiro Sakurai Repetitive StrainMellowLyricist49/16 4:06PM
Seeing as we aren't getting Terry's Wonderlandlornegreenepose29/16 3:57PM
Am I the only one not going nuts over a demo of a game that
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Cyber Akuma Zero419/16 3:52PM
Looking for an RPG to play until Smash Bros.
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MartewqC209/16 3:43PM
How is Azure Striker Gunvolt?FoxtrotDelta8859/16 3:37PM
Let's be real for a moment, Chocobo songs are the best.Mech_Battalion49/16 3:36PM
Not able to connect online to some games. Anyone has any ideas?T3H_1337_N1NJ439/16 3:20PM
I feel like selling my 3dsxl for a 2ds.
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shotgunheadshot139/16 3:17PM
Why people say the "newer" Sonic games don't have the appeal of the "older ones"
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outworld222279/16 3:11PM
Now I realize why RE: Revelations flopped
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Flamer_Blue259/16 3:10PM
SteamWorld Heist, turn-based, spring 2015 probably for 3DSnicomollet39/16 3:06PM
Soundtrack Battle, This, or Kid Icarus Uprising?lvalice79/16 3:05PM