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Do ringtones in the (UK, maybe US) Club Nintendo ship to your house, or what?Whinpful512/17 12:03AM
Survival Horror "Dementium: The Ward" is coming to 3DS
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Spade21X5012/16 11:32PM
Teens play Megaman for the first time
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21_216712/16 11:20PM
Man Nintendo hurry up and announce a new fire emblem for 3DS.
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pikachupwnage3812/16 10:22PM
Wish you could message your friends.tropireno412/16 10:15PM
Why am I not getting street passes anymore?GeminiDeus612/16 9:45PM
Collectable Badge Center Video (Crane game to collect items for the 3DS Menu)Yoko812/16 9:36PM
Any chance for Club Nintendo to get those game card cases anytime soon?PrettyBoyMarth212/16 9:36PM
New Idea - 3DS Essentials for Wii UPrimeJumper20151012/16 9:32PM
The next North American 3DS VC release will be...Crash_Override9312/16 9:05PM
So if Nintendo releases GBA games on Mobile Devices, will we get them on 3DS tooSpade21X612/16 9:04PM
my 3ds can't connect to my wifi routerflamests1012/16 8:05PM
Atelier Rorona for 3DS coming out on March 26 in Japan
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Yoko1712/16 7:38PM
Favorite DSi gamesoutworld222912/16 7:29PM
Im getting One Piece Unlimited World Red for it any good?
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smokeyacr1312/16 7:26PM
Port your Nintendo 3DS games!Spade21X712/16 7:01PM
Anyone that imported a new 3ds, How is the 2nd stick?KoreanTacos912/16 6:17PM
Is the new 3dsXL LIGHTER than then 3dsXL?ACupNoodle412/16 5:38PM
Why don't all games have demos?
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TrilancerX1112/16 5:25PM
Fun Fact: 3DS should have gotten a new Jump Stars game, not the Vita
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FunFactForYou2412/16 5:16PM