This Is A List Of Nintendo's IPs, Which Series Would You Like Another Game In?

#31MadDewgPosted 2/18/2013 9:56:45 AM(edited)
Didn't look at the list, but star tropics if it is in it. I've wanted another one ever since the 90s, lol.
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#32Transdude(Topic Creator)Posted 2/19/2013 5:37:55 AM
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#33badboyPosted 2/19/2013 5:48:35 AM
Wario Land

BTW, the list lacks a ton of games.
#34IChangedMyNamePosted 2/19/2013 5:52:25 AM
Please god, make Nintendo do a 3DS Advance Wars... Hell even a re-release with online MP of the first 3.

Advance Wars: Macro Anniversary
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#35Steven010702Posted 2/19/2013 6:25:26 AM
Puzzle League (either)
Magical Starsign (3ds)
Yoshi's Story (either)
Advanced Wars (3ds)
Star Fox (Wii U)
Endless Ocean (Wii U)
Pokemon Snap (both)
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