I think Nintendo outdone themselves with the 3DS XL...

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  3. I think Nintendo outdone themselves with the 3DS XL...
2 years ago#1
I doubt there would be much room for upgrades for the next portable after the 3DS generation other than maybe a second analog built in and more graphics?

Then again I think Nintendo is going to release a small screen (DS -> DSi XL, 3DS -> 3DS XL) first then a XL version.

The size couldn't get any bigger for the next device in line or else it wouldn't be too "portable" now would it?
Playing someone who kills people in a video game = Murderer?
Playing a Loli in a video game = Pedo? I don't think so.
2 years ago#2
Next gen will be a portable that can plug into your TV and double as a console. It will be called the Nintendo WiiBoy.
(edited by jedinat)
2 years ago#3
3DSXL is kinda pushing it in terms of size, I don't think a portable system will ever get any better unless some company invents some groundbreaking handheld system that can achieve both size and portability at the same time. It's more of a system for someone who always have a bag with them, backpack, knapsack, or purse.

If they ever do improve on the XL, they better fix those speakers unless they expect everyone playing it to play using earphones.
(edited by G1ingy)
2 years ago#4
I think the 3DS XL is the bee's knees.

It makes me tingle.
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  3. I think Nintendo outdone themselves with the 3DS XL...

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