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eShop 8/21 Mostly Wii U, Sales, one 3DS VC, few eShop titles
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CanibusRtJ418/22 6:08PM
How are the Adventure Time games?MordecaiRocks28/22 6:06PM
any 3DS game you have pre ordered, yet?
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Ao_Ryuu54378/22 5:54PM
how big of a download will Azure Gunvolt be?
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ObtuseAngina138/22 5:52PM
how to make japanese club nintendo account if you live in americaTahkashe28/22 5:23PM
Is it just me or do the graphics on the 3ds look kinda bad?
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hotdogboy96408/22 4:41PM
sd card questionchronotrig10038/22 4:40PM
3ds gamefaq board in a nutshell.
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daveftw84538/22 4:19PM
I can connect to the internet, but not the eShop.Larcen Tyler (M)78/22 4:17PM
How are the FIFA and PES games?Djwlfpack958/22 4:03PM
Why does the eShop lack GBA titles?
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ZebuFrenzy858/22 3:45PM
Thinking of getting one of the GB Mega man games, which one should I get?Lasseaberg38/22 3:42PM
what's the best Harvest Moon game on 3dsLEGEND_KILLERRR108/22 3:41PM
Bravely Default Chapter 5 is great. Who is smearing this game again?Compass98/22 3:26PM
Got yet another "achievement" while being bored at the girlfriend's house.King_of_Flan68/22 3:15PM
Bit the bullet regarding the Atlus sale, got the SMT gamesSnipeStar88/22 3:04PM
There a way to reverse the uodates to a nintendo 3ds?WizardofHoth58/22 2:37PM
Good games like Trendsetters (DS or 3DS)?Moorish_Idol28/22 2:35PM
Do the codes for the event megastones work on games from other regions?_Candice_38/22 2:19PM
I'm confused on the system transfer
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loztriforce158/22 1:56PM