Still not getting any street passes in the suburbs

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4 years ago#1
So thebig selling point for me when I bought an original 3DS on launch was street pass, just the fact that you could send messages to people in the street without them even knowing, then open your own 3DS when you get home from work/school/the mall and see all the mii's you have passed on your journeys and read theyre messages and use them in games etc, battling collector figurines in SF4 especially as it was a launch game and i just thought it was cool because im a nerd :p.

But 2 months after i bought one Id only managed a single streetpass while out in London, which is close to me, but too much money for me to travel there everyday as i dont work there. The 3D when i finally saw it too was also a disappoinment and a half. I expected stuff popping out like in the movies (Which im the only guy whos a fan of for some reason), it was more like things popping INTO the screen, like a little room but still kinda flat, which was cool i guess but not what i hoped at all. Also the machine then was seriously lacking games and I didnt feel like waiting for months for animal crossing or resident evil to come out here (UK) so I sold it. Just before the price drop actually, i sold it on ebay for 25 more than they retailed for the next week, result!

Came into a bit of money from a work incident claim recently and resident evil and paper mario were out now, the latter even available as a download from the nintendo store, without me having to brave the greasy, over enthusiastically helpful/chatty teenage staff there (im a grumpy guy a few months from his 30s, deal with it). So I decided id try out a 3DS XL, because I thought maybe the 3D would be a tad better on a bigger screen. It wasnt but fine.
Street pass has GOT to happen more now thought hasnt it? I mean the machines been out for like 2 years right? Wrong. Since I owned the machine I have been to town tons of times; driven down the motorway; been to mall with it in my pocket - For 5 hours with the missus looking in literally every shoe/clothes/jewellery shop wiithout buying a thing like usual. Ive even been to see Wreck It Ralph with my sister and my niece. I was sure at least one of the other kids there would have one of them on them in the packed afternoon showing.

But i have still to acquire a single streetpass in the 3 weeks Ive had it. Do most people just not bother activating it these days or something? Or are 3DS' still just that unpopular a machine for it to not happen outside of major cities?

Also why do Nintendo charge more for their full game downloads than most retail chains for the cartridges? I would have thought a digital product would sell for much less than one that needs manufacturing and packaging costs. How greedy can a company be? Resident Evil is pretty good though, and I even managed to find a copy of the original (non disney buyout) DS game Meteos, which is still just as fun as it was 4 years ago. Im gonna keep this machine, at least till animal crossing comes out here. But How many street passes do you other local working suburbanites and non students get in a day? I feel kinda ripped off about the whole thing to be honest.
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4 years ago#2
Ugh, typo city. Wish there was an edit function here
3DS Friend code: 0946-2224-9613 Name: Roy
4 years ago#3
Also the 3DS friend code in my nick is from my launch day 3DS, not my new one, so dont bother adding it. Shows how long Ive gone between posts here
4 years ago#4
but there is an edit function.
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4 years ago#5
PokeMaster posted...
but there is an edit function.

There is? Couldnt find it oh well.
4 years ago#6
4 years ago#7
Wanna know if this is a common thing
4 years ago#8
Yeah, unless you live in a major city/hub you'll get next to no streetpasses.

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4 years ago#9
Damn, oh well ill just have to take it with me on the rare days i do go into the city and hopefully ill get better results.

Still looking forward to animal crossing, pokemon x and new zelda. Not gonna sell this one. Plus i love internet in bed with it lol
4 years ago#10
Sometimes I take my 3DS to my job. I get -so many streetpasses- since it's a tourist spot.

Everyone's playing the Camera. Go figure
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