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Buy a 3ds now or wait?SoulreaperX112912/20 6:29PM
Steamed at Gamestop again!!!!
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Blancshammer2412/20 6:28PM
Amiibo's are a joke
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Spectrum571612/20 6:23PM
Are there any 3ds dragon quest games?Darkfire2431912/20 6:08PM
The 3DS should get a Zelda 'Dungeon Maker' gameDarthZelda612/20 6:07PM
How would you feel about a Dragon Quest Monster Hunter game?shining_Sabata612/20 5:55PM
Looking for spreadable pokerus can anyone help?WastedWeasel212/20 5:42PM
I feel Duck Hunt (VC version) could have worked on the 3DS too.
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Blayshy2012/20 5:06PM
level-5 don't be fools. include Layton in your saleTrilancerX612/20 4:42PM
Possible Majora's Mask 3D Release Date?Spade21X412/20 4:09PM
What's your 3DS GOTY?
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locky7231512/20 4:07PM
IMO, A Link Between Worlds is the worst Zelda, yet. Not bad, but at the bottom.
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WhiteSkullHeart3712/20 4:05PM
Tempted to buy $150 3DS XL, when does N3DS come out?CubeTheLwNoob712/20 3:59PM
Any games I am missing that I need to give a shot?
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NeoJ4K34112/20 3:56PM
How did Fantasy Life get more expensive?
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Retrowire1112/20 3:45PM
What are you downloading for Christmas this year?KartinKong112/20 3:34PM
Level five working on new game.Hercik1812/20 3:19PM
Streetpass people but they aren't in the Mii Plaza?cdark312/20 3:15PM
Majora's Mask 3D... is anyone else really bothered by
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ponyseizures1512/20 2:58PM
The world ends with you is an AMAZING game with one major flaw
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HHH is the game6712/20 2:56PM