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Opinions on the DKL games if I love the DKC games?
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Japan got some cool looking themes for 20 coins on their club nintendo!
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EbonMagician222/28 9:42AM
Why won't Nintendo put the Sacred Stones on the Eshop?
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New Nintendo 3ds stupid power button placement
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Strength of your belief: will N3DS ever come to NA?
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BirdWithDreams162/28 9:07AM
Anime games?
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CammyApple132/28 8:53AM
Need help "beta testing" a DS game quiz.
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Vyers152/28 8:52AM
There is an update for Majora's Mask 3D available now
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Megamushroom666172/28 8:51AM
Any 3DS games like Diablo?
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Black_Crusher182/28 8:41AM
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