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Unlikely remakes from Nintendo 64.
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How do get the #WorldStreetpassHolidays?Whinpful212/24 3:49PM
I didn't know you could connect the speakers to a 3DS.
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Are there any 3ds dragon quest games?
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Darkfire24312712/24 3:34PM
MM3D aside, aren't we getting a brand new Zelda game for 3DS?
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So let me get this straight. J Stars Victory VS gets a localized release
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Best year for 3DS (Poll)
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Should there be a follow-up game to Fire Emblem: Awakening? (Poll)
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Had a horrible 3DS related nightmare last nightblinkfreak512/24 11:58AM
Shovel Knight was harder than I thought it would beUpendi1000312/24 11:53AM
I can't remember if I made a nintendo network id for my 3dsmoogythejork512/24 9:55AM
forget Mario Maker. I want Castlevania Maker
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TrilancerX1312/24 9:39AM
Pokmon: I'm having a hard time deciding which stats 4 my Pokemon >:/vTsukitoHoshi612/24 9:36AM
Is there no monster encyclopedia in EO3?pikachupwnage312/24 9:27AM