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I can understand why Majora's Mask a high amount of praise
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Problems with Super Stable 3D?
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Raulsen183/3 11:03PM
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All the cool kids call their 3DS a "thridz". (Closed)
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forest_wanderer193/3 10:57PM
Battle of the DS games! (Round 9) (Poll)
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fiyeroatheart113/3 10:30PM
Old 3dsxl to new 3dsxl ambassador and transfer questionseaniac1212103/3 10:03PM
I cant stand people who say "Ninty"
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Strider1850403/3 9:46PM
Code Name: STEAM alternate title screen songMineralPlusBox63/3 9:39PM
Thinking of picking up a New 3DSXL Charging Dock..
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People care more about the smaller N3ds than Metroid? smh
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pollguy55113/3 9:10PM
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With OR/AS out, should I just get rid of my GBA copies of R/S/E?Spade21X23/3 7:50PM
If Nintendo was completely managed by Americans instead of the Japanese...
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Spade21X683/3 7:12PM
Decent Club Nintendo game rewards?DruciferBriggs53/3 6:44PM
Repair software question.wiisixty63/3 5:49PM
My majoras mask 3ds story. Target employee punked us.
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wintrepunk773/3 5:33PM