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Anybody else order that Zelda Pouch?
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TheEpyon173/26 10:45AM
Out of curiousity, is there anyway to tell which adaptor came with which system?FriedScootaloo63/26 9:55AM
Easy to Get, High(Not G) Rank Tanky GearKitsunemeio93/26 9:52AM
I imported a New 3DS XL Charge Cradle over a month ago and I still don't have itMabinogiFan83/26 9:43AM
LOL Look what Iggy Azalea said she would take on a trip to mars... 3DS
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Eiffel65143/26 9:17AM
Japanese Sales - Mar 16 - Mar 22Yoko83/26 9:17AM
Is there anything we've seen that shows why Mario Maker can't be on 3DS?
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StinkPrincess243/26 9:12AM
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Does this SD Card work?
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EmiArts153/26 8:22AM
Will there be any new CN Products coming out?GGuitarGuy9553/26 7:48AM
CN Questionmewinator33/26 7:46AM
Free game
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Krambo42143/26 7:29AM
I LOVE Nintendo, but I have to say: Quality Assurance is crud!YHWH_Saves63/26 7:04AM
This may sound weird, but you know what games give me a survivor horror feel..?
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MetalGearOnAcid213/26 6:47AM
I love Pokmon Shuffle. Battle Trozei worth getting?Shadowstar10823/26 6:38AM
Majora's Mask New 3DS XL Bundle is up on for $329.95
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PokeFan2011223/26 6:08AM