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Black lines on screenHaRRy_TiPPeR_99/1 10:08AM
chill back. n3ds will receive dsi levels of support.gotspork69/1 10:08AM
NFC On New 3DSbestevezz29/1 10:03AM
So with all these talks about "getting a New 3DS", was a US release confirmed?hijokaiden59/1 9:54AM
August 2014 Activity log topic!
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pikachupwnage249/1 9:54AM
For Pokemon, all I need is to get them to level 50..Terrorknight329/1 9:46AM
How many Pokemon owners have you met so far?Terrorknight379/1 9:44AM
Dashboard themes coming to 3DS.
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EU brahs, ya'll excited for SMT4 or nah?
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Would u buy a MM3D limited edition n3DS bundle. (MM3D is exclusive to n3DS) (Poll)
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AceGamer11x169/1 9:26AM
Stop using the Game Boy Color as an example.pokemega3239/1 9:23AM
I need a new Turn Based Strategy Fix
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Xenesis Xenon119/1 8:47AM
Anyone been around long enough to remember the DSi or Gameboy color reveal?PsychoWolfX109/1 8:42AM
So what's the deal with the new version?
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Punctus_Pilot119/1 8:35AM
Back to school.... what games should I play so i don't get depressedIceCreamPerson89/1 8:22AM
Why weren't the 3D angles wider in the first place?Snake9900199/1 8:14AM
The next gen handheld will most like be backward compatible with N3DS games21_2189/1 7:54AM
New 3DS Information
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lucario378129/1 7:29AM
Cardridges or digital copies? (Closed)
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Jenesty149/1 7:20AM
An experiment...quick and dirty cost per hour analysis of your 3DS.irulethegalaxy89/1 7:20AM