21th Nintendo Direct MH 4 trailer details.

#1mattfrankPosted 2/21/2013 5:29:05 AM
-A new monster based on green snake/serpent revealed

-A glimp of a new moderate-sized serpentile creature that is modelled after Raviete.

-Eww....Khezu's return in MH4 confirmed

-Showed us scenes of many monsters infected by the virus from Goa Mogra.

-Showed monster using wall,ceiling to reach and attack hunters.

-Many scenes seems to show slight improvement in graphics.

#2lambchipsPosted 2/21/2013 5:42:36 AM
Did they already reveal the new weapon before today? (the slash axe x sns hybrid)
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#3mattfrank(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2013 5:55:00 AM
It's called charge axe,it has a discharge attack that could ko a monster!!
#4EvilSock1990Posted 2/21/2013 8:50:35 AM
link to trailer
#5KinectricPosted 2/21/2013 8:51:34 AM
...it's 21st.
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#6ssbmrocksPosted 2/21/2013 8:54:40 AM

Shouldn't make a topic without link to video, bro.
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