What u guys think of the Castlevania demo?

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4 years ago#21
I reserved my copy back in July. I wonder when we yankees will get the demo.
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4 years ago#22
andrea987 posted...
It was a nice surprise, good graphics (didn't notice framerate probs, so they can't be that bad) and excellent gameplay. I only think the controls are at times not too responsive, has anyone else noticed it? A buy for me, nonetheless. Loved the boss battle, btw.

It is based of the e3 build they said awhile ago so the issues are likely not in the final product
4 years ago#23
Neo1661 posted...
Fantastic graphics and good combat but terrible framerate and really floaty.

EDIT: Your character looks jaggy from a distance.

Unacceptable. What where they thinking? Shoulda stuck with 2D for a sidescrolling CV.

Hopefully an HD port comes with 60 fps.
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4 years ago#24
Anyone who says they couldn't notice any frame rate problems needs to get their eyes checked.

It's okay. Reminds me a lot of god of war in terms of combat.
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  3. What u guys think of the Castlevania demo?

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