Give Mon Hun a chance peeps .

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TehTrumpCard posted...

I only read the beginning, but yeah, this guy gets it. I've been saying the same things for years. Little kids are so desperate for anything remotely challenging after being weaned on PS2/3, they hold MH up as some kind of holy grail of gaming. Basically because it's the first/only game to give them any sense of real accomplishment. But really, it's just a poorly designed grindathon. Also, this:

"The degree to which Monster Hunter fans rage every time someone points out that their precious is a tedious snoozefest is magnificent btw."
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I enjoy the combat a lot, especially with friends, but yes, grinding for that ONE piece I need after like 10 hunts gets really annoying.
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CheeseIsSoFat posted...
The DEMO is not everything , once you combine the CPP with the 3DS you'll get a monster hunting gadget so go ahead and pre-order a copy of Mon Hun 3 Ulti and a CPP / CPP XL .

YOU NEED DAT CPP BABEH ! Repeat after me , CPP ! CPP ! CPP !


Do not need it controls fine without unless you have the reflexes of a 90 year old