Streetpassed 9 people on the subway in Toronto yesterday (02/20)

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bunnie88 posted...
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I'm new to 3DS (currently playing FE:A and Brain Age). What does ''Streetpasses'' grant you exactly?

The main thing is puzzle pieces and mii's for the find a mii game and some games have features focusing on SP's. Super mario 3d has the power up houses, animal crossing new leaf has the Happy home academy area, NSMB2 has the coin rush record trading, and i know there's a lot more then that but i don't get many SP's around here.

I see. Thanks :)
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Nice! I get most of my streetpasses from Toronto's subway. Except yesterday me and my friend went to Metro and I got one...and it was from someone I've passed before while on the subway.

Last weekend I managed to snag 10 streetpasses in one day while on the subway. That's extremely high for me, I usually get 1-6.
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The most I got was 8 streetpass during the event of Club Nintendo and got up to 39 streetpass in a single day. Got lots of Pink Pieces and regular pieces and had to skip Find Mii cause it takes too long to play.

Last time I was at the mall and Best Buy, got 5 streetpass (1 Pink Piece and 3 regular pieces). Is very hard to get Pink Pieces from those newest puzzle panels.
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Hmm.. I should probably carry my 3DS around again.. I only did it near release.. When there was only a couple million people in the US who had one..
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i get one from my college every morning around 745 AM. other than that I rarely get any
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MetalGusREbirth posted...
I'm new to 3DS (currently playing FE:A and Brain Age). What does ''Streetpasses'' grant you exactly?

Kid Icarus copying weapons from people you streetpass
Mario kart 7 unlocking parts ahead of time and ghost racing
Fire emblem i'm... not sure as I don't have it.
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