After trying out MH demo I can honestly say that Ragnarok Odyssey is better

#11ferofaxPosted 2/21/2013 7:33:24 PM
Preference, people. Some would find MH pace to be slow as a snail -- these are obviously adrenaline junkies who prefer everything super fast, zip zippity aerial slashing and never landing like perma-freeflow.

They prefer mashing and mashing and mashing instead of waiting and dodging and going in because there's an opening.
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kewldude475 posted...
Stop. Making. These. Topics.

Neither are particularly great.

This. After demoing RO and purchasing a digital copy of MHFU I feel cheated, not out of money but out of two hours of my life I lost trying to play.
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yankee6903 posted...
Depends on the player. RO is definitely more fluid and has better controls. MH is intensely more deep though.

Better controls? you play the bow, the long sword, the hammer driller, the dual blades the exact same way,,, triangle triangle triangle circle circle.
Thats the most casual way to build a gameplay for a Raid game. no science at all.
It was the same gameplay for every weapon.

RO is a fun game, but it needs a lot of improvement in the gameplay layout for every weapon,, its just its 1st entry,,, MH is in its 3rd generation,, so, there is time.