Fire Emblem Awakening may be the most insanely undershipped game I've ever seen

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Kill_Jill_Vol_1 posted...

It always puzzles me how people knock on the story. Are people expecting some J.J. Abrams screenwriting or something? For a video game, FFA's story is at the very least decent. I just don't get what people are expecting.

For a Fire Emblem game Awakenings story is pretty bad especially when compared to the last few games in the series.

Its not because the actual story is bad, but mostly because they don't really explain much or go into the story like they did in previous Fire Emblem games.

I mean the risen are never really explained. They are just kind of ignored.
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Walked in Target and bought it day one base
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scigeek101 posted...
I mean the risen are never really explained. They are just kind of ignored.

Really? It's not that difficult to figure out the Risen - undead minions of an antagonist that can raise the dead and dying.

Also probably came from the future with Lucina and the others and thus are something of a grandfather paradox.

(It's also kind of amusing and somewhat appropriate that their localized name is one letter off from the title of characters whose hearts get eaten by a dragon and still live in Capcom's Dragon's Dogma.)

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