Fire Emblem Awakening is quickly becoming the FFVII of FE series.

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Lol at this topic. FF7 revolutionized a genre; FE: A babied down a long time franchise for hardcore gamers to appeal to a broader audience.

Lol at this post, how dare games these days give us options.

It's a bad thing when Map design is Babied down. It gives options to players who aren't as experienced but it takes away fun from people who want a harder and more strategic experience.

All Books and Movies aren't designed to appease everyone, why should games be any different?

play lunatic plus on classic without pair up
on better yet stop pretending fe was EVER hard.
You want a hard game play ghost and goblins one lift,two hit deaths,no continues and you have to beat twice to actually beat it.

Wow Lunatic Plus fixes the terrible Map design? Oh wait, it doesn't

And you're comparing Fire Emblem to a completely different genre, what are you trying to accomplish?
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it fixes the game being easy.
and the game having flaws doesn't make it terrible. especially when bad map design is highly subjective.
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Well, I guess in the sense that it is easily the most popular. I've played ALL of the fire emblem games except the NES ones and this is easily my 2nd favorite, though.
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